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New acquisitions

3 armchairs and a stool by Marc Held
4 Roger Tallon chairs
 6 'Macarons' stools by Jean Pierre Laporte
Gérard Gallet sofa
Ceramic ref. 23/2 by Mireille Moser.
Ceramic ref. 23/3 by Mireille Moser
Ceramic ref. 23/6 by Mireille Moser.
chair by Erik Lehmann Hansen
 Chair by François Français
Robert Pansart long chair.
dressing table and stool by Bernard Brunier.
Set of 12 wall bookshelves by Xavier-Feal.
Dining set by Jean-Pierre Laporte
Exceptionnal Brasilia lamp large model by Michel Boyer, Verre lumière edition
Fauteuil 'elephant' de Bernard Rancillac.
Sabine Charoy floor lamp.
Franco Giovanni Legler white floor lamp.
Floor/ceiling floorlamp by Jean Pierre Garrault and Henri Delord.
1 ball floorlamp by Garrault-Delord.
'keel' lamp by Michel Mortier
Lamp 1 by Mireille Moser.
Lamp 2 by Mireille Moser.
Lamp 3 by Mireille Moser.
Ben Swildens lamp grey
Ettorre Sottsass lamp.
Gustave Gautier lamp.
Roger Comparet lamp.
René Blanchard bed
Pair of
Pair of Erton armchairs
pair of Alain Richard suspensions
Ceiling light by Roland Laroche.
Rare set of 8 screens by Verner Panton
Rare floor lamp by Jean-Pierre Vincent
Rare lamp model 10580 by l Oeuf Centre d Etude
Bernard Brunier sofa and armchairs
Ceramic sculpture by Mireille Moser
6 seats by Bernard Govin
Suspension 'Free Form' double model.
Transformation table by François Arnal
Roger Tallon white low table
Table by Roger Tallon.
round tables by Mireille Moser
Stool by Jean Raymond Picard.
Sculptural triptych by Sandor Kiss