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New acquisitions

Wall light by Tito Agnoli
Wall light model 245 by Louis Baillon
Wall light model 186 by Jacques Biny
Set of 16 chairs by Colette Gueden
Black cocotte desk lamp by Robert Mathieu
Rare lamp by Gaetano Missaglia
Tumbo lamp by Piero Menichetti
Fireplace set by Xavier-Féal
Small pair of wall lights with orientable arm by Oscar Torlasco
Umbrella stand by Xavier-Féal
Magazine Rack by Xavier-Féal
Rare 3 lights screen wall light by Robert Mathieu
Rare set of 4 white lacquered diamond chairs by Rene Jean Caillette
Rare large telescopic wall light by Jean Pierre Vincent
Rare large sculpture with greek influence by Gilbert Portanier
Rare white lacquered floor lamp by Oscar Torlasco
Rare Riflessione floor lamp by Claudio Salocchi
Rare lamp model B 204 by Michel Buffet
Rare lampe perles de Michel Boyer
Rare pair of white lacquered floor lamps by Oscar Torlasco
Monaco Set with one sofa and two armchairs by Inter Design
White lacquered counterweight suspension by Oscar Torlasco
Suspension model 2069 by Gino Sarfatti
Suspension model 20575 by Sabine Charoy
Rare lighting low table by Robert Mathieu